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In 2016 the retail sales of Lithuanian Direct Selling Association (LTPA) member companies grew by +4.7 percent. to 32.7 million. EUR (excluding VAT). Meanwhile, the number of people cooperating with direct selling companies increased by more than 2 percent and exceeded 45 thousand..

“In recent years we have seen a steady growth in the direct selling market, meanwhile the compound annual growth rate of the last five years is 7%. This is one of the best results among different channels of retailing”,- comments Gintautas Zaleckas, Director of the LTPA and Secretary General of the Baltic States.

According to G. Zaleckas, direct sales do not lose their attractiveness as a way of shopping, when consumers can receive personalized service and advice from a direct seller / consultant and purchase high quality products. G.Zaleckas points out that both companies and their vendors are increasingly using the Internet to manage and develop their business and to more effectively reach and serve their customers, but there are still many untapped opportunities, so the potential for growth of direct sales business remains high.

In comparison with the Baltic countries, in 2016 direct sales volume in Latvia grew by 3.5%, while in Estonia – by 2.5% and amounted respectively to 23.5 million and 23.9 million Euro. The number of direct sellers in Latvia has increased by more than 1%. and exceeded 34 thousand, while in Estonia it remained stable and amounted to 29 thousand persons.