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Last year the retail sales of Lithuanian Direct Selling Association (LTPA) member companies’ maintained a rapid growth rate and grew by 6.2% over the 2017 up to 34.7 million euro (excluding VAT). This is the highest growth in the last 4 years.

Meanwhile, the number of persons cooperating with direct selling companies has increased by more than 3%. and exceeded 46 thousand persons.

“Such rapid growth of direct selling market was determined by the growing economic situation in the country and by the rising consumers consumption. Shopping through direct sales is really attractive to the consumer, as it is possible not only to purchase high quality exclusive products that are not traded in stores, but before testing them, get personal advice and help from the seller. Personal recommendations become especially important in these times of information abundance”,- comments Gintautas Zaleckas, Director of the LTPA and Secretary General of the Baltic States.

According to him, the growing number of people who cooperate with direct selling companies shows the growing desire of the population not only to receive additional income, but also to start their own business. Direct selling allows ordinary people to test themselves as a salesperson and entrepreneur, without taking on high risks and costs. Meanwhile, the development of technology and social media opens up even global business opportunities.

Compared to the Baltic countries, in 2017, direct sales in Latvia grew by 4.5%, while in Estonia – by 3.5%. and amounted respectively to 24.6 million and 24.7 million Euro. The number of direct sellers in Latvia has increased by more than 2%. and amounted to 35 thousand, and Estonia grew by more than 1.5 per cent. and exceeded 29 thousand persons.