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Lithuanian Direct Selling Association and the European Direct Selling Association-Seldia ( for the first time in Lithuania will conduct an independent market research in order to better understand the socio-economic aspects of direct selling. The survey will be carried out by an independent market research firm Ipsos as online survey and it will be done even in 11 European countries[1].

Direct sales are a sales channel, which, unfortunately, is often not well understood by the public, its socio-economic benefits are unknown, and more importantly, the experience of direct sales directly related to direct sales is very rarely heard. Therefore, the first part of this study will examine the experience and opinions of independent sellers, and look at their social and demographic characteristics. Meanwhile, in the second part, direct trading companies will be questioned to assess the contribution of companies to the economic well-being of the country.

All direct sellers, who cooperate with the member companies of Lithuanian Direct Selling Association (LTPA), are kindly invited to participate in this very important international survey. Links to the Direct Sellers’ Questionnaire must be made available on the internal websites of the LTPA member companies, as well as distributed to sales consultants through other communication channels. If you haven’t received such link to the survey questionnaire, please contact your company or the Lithuanian Direct Selling Association ( All respondents’ answers will be confidential and anonymous and only aggregated data will be used in the study report.

[1] Germany, France, UK, Poland, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Lithuania, Sweden, Czech Republic & Slovakia