Zinzino sells espresso machines, coffee, tea and accessories, as well as a unique product line that focuses on long-term health; Zinzino Balance.
Zinzino offers quality products to people whom value health, the environment and everyday luxury.

Since 2005 Zinzino has been a general agent for the Belgian/French Rombouts-Malongo coffee and home espresso machines. In fall 2012, Zinzino started to cooperate with the Bioactive Foods of Norway, which is the supplier of the product line Zinzino Balance.

Zinzino Balance
Zinzino BalanceOil contains a unique combination of fish and olive oil that adjusts the fatty acid balance in the body. Our oil comes in two flavors and in BalanceShake. Take Balance products as recommended for 120 days and then take the BalanceTest to see if you have achieved the desired balance.

Zinzino Coffee
In addition to our professional and easy-care machinery we also offer accompanying coffee pods from the French suppliers Rombouts and Malongo – known for their passion and accuracy. In our assortment we have fair-trade organic coffee that takes into account the working conditions, environment, and quality.
With all of our accessories we offer a great café experience in the comfort of your own home.

Contact Information:

Telephone numbers and opening hours

Customer Service: +46 31 771 71 55 (10 to 18, Finnish time)
Switchboard: 031-771 71 50 (10-17 Finnish time)
E-mail: Customer Service: info@zinzino.com

Address (Headquarters)
Zinzino AB, Hulda Lindgrengata  8, 421 31 Västra Frölunda, Sweden

Mail Address:
Zinzino AB, Box 80, 401 21 Gothenburg, Sweden


To know more about Zinzino, please visit www.zinzino.com

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