European Direct Selling Market Tops € 14 Billion
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According to the Federation of European Direct Selling Associations (FEDSA) latest figures, the direct selling in Europe has held its strong position during the global economic crisis. The total European sales volume including non-EU countries reached €14,2 billion in 2009, while EU sales reached €10,7 billion, it is 19% of the world‘s direct selling turnover. Leading direct selling markets in Europe are Germany (€2,7B), Italy (€2,4B), Russia (€2,3B), France (€1,7B) and UK (€1B). In relation to the size of the country, direct sales are also particularly strong in Scandinavia.

The largest percentage of sales are cosmetics and personal care items (36% of total), followed by household goods (27%), wellness (11%), clothing and accessories (7%) and others (19%).

The EU average shows that around 2/3rd of direct selling are done through person-to-person sales and 1/3rd through party plan.

Over 4 million people are currently involved in direct selling in the EU and more than 7 million in non-EU countries. In EU almost 80% of the salesforce are women, whilst more than 3 out of 5 are self-employed. The average annual turnover of a direct seller in the EU is €2.640 or €220 per month.

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