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On 24 November the Baltic General Secretary together with the Chairman of Lithuanian and Latvian DSAs Romulus Sirbu and the Chairman of Estonian DSA Göran Nordh participated in the FEDSA General Assembly.
During the Assembly the annual report, the FEDSA’s action plan and operating budget for 2011 were confirmed. Also reports from the Ethics Committee on revision of the European Codes and from the Executive director of FEDSA Maurits Bruggink on EU affairs and related activities were given.
The Assembly by the majority of votes approved the principle of changing FEDSA’s visual identity and name. Adopting a new name and identity is considered as an opportunity to rebrand the organization in Brussels and to improve its visibility.
The Board of Directors together with working group will deal with this issue, the voting regarding new FEDSA’s name and visual identity should be in the extraordinary General Assembly on the 10 of May.

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