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At its General Assembly of May 10, 2011, the Federation of the European Direct Selling Associations made two important decisions by unanimity:
1) Adopted a new Code of Ethics and appointed a new Code Administrator,
2) Changed its name from FEDSA to Seldia-The European Direct Selling Association.


The new Code of Ethics contains rules for direct sellers and direct selling companies on how to trade ethically. The appointment of a European Code Administrator will create a complementary means of dispute resolution for consumers and other parties who cannot for some reason address their complaint to a national Code Administrator.


“These decisions mark a fundamental change in our organisation.” says Seldia President Philippe Jacquelinet in Seldia’s press release on this. He adds, “Firstly, ethics has taken the centre place in our organisation that it deserves. Secondly, the name change illustrates the important changes of our organisation during the past 1,5 years – the changing of the statutes and structure of the association, the appointment of a new Executive Director and increased membership and representation. In addition, Seldia is a brand name that perfectly reflects the dynamics of our industry.”


“The new name is first of all relevant to our organization and it will increase our effectiveness in communicating with outside audiences. Our work will become more visible and the logo will contribute to representing the core values of our industry”,- says Seldia Executive Director Maurits Bruggink.


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