Direct sales in Lithuania grew by 8,1% in 2013
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In 2013 the Lithuanian Direct Selling Association (LTPA) members total sales (excluding VAT) increased by 8,1 percent and amounted 136 million LTL (from 125.85 million in 2012). Meanwhile, the number of people involved in direct selling business increased by 2 percent and amounted 49 thousand people.

Direct selling market continues to recover faster than the national economy and the retail market and although direct sales grew lower than in 2012 ( when it was 16 percent growth), but having in mind that last year Lithuania’s economy grew by 3.4 per cent, while total retail sales growth was just 4.5 percent, so more than 8 per cent average increase in sales is really good result for direct selling companies” – says LTPA General Secretary Gintautas Zaleckas .

According to Mr. Zaleckas, significant sales growth proves that direct selling does not lose attractiveness as unique way of shopping in which each customer can receive a personalized service and advice from a direct seller (consultant) and buy high-quality products. G.Zaleckas notes that direct sellers are increasingly using the Internet to manage and develop the business and reach and serve their customers more effectively, but there is still a lot of untapped potential, so remains high growth potential for direct selling business.

Comparing all three Baltic States in 2013 the biggest growth of direct selling industry was in Latvia, –  12 per cent, while Estonia – 6 percent and amounted  respectively to 100.5 million and 108.8 million LTL. Number of direct sellers in Latvia increased by 4 percent to 42.5 thousand and 3 percent in Estonia up to 34 thousand people.

Baltic Direct Selling Associations’ members total sales in 2013 reached more than 345 million LTL, while the number of direct sellers exceeded 125 thousand people.

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