I want to shop

I want to shop

I want to earn extra money

I want to earn extra money

Shopping Opportunities

Direct selling offers great benefits to consumers, including the opportunity to:

Choose your direct seller and buy from someone who knows the product and can advice you on it

Know your purchase of our members’ products and services come with generous guarantees

Try and test the products

Buy exclusive products not available in traditional stores

Have a personalised buying experience where products and services can be tailored to your needs

Have your purchases delivered directly to you

Earnings Opportunities

Direct Selling attracts entrepreneurial-minded individuals who value independence but want a business model with low start-up costs and little overhead. Affiliating with a company, direct sellers work on their own – building their business on their time and their terms.

Direct Selling offers people of all backgrounds an opportunity to earn additional income or build their own business and to achieve personal fulfillment, recognition, and empowerment through entrepreneurship and social retail.

Direct Selling is also social selling. To succeed, direct sellers rely on strong personal relationships with their customers – a strategy built through face-to-face interactions, product demonstrations, word-of-mouth and nowadays of course social media and internet.

Direct Selling is Flexibility

For some, Direct Selling is extra income. For others, it’s the ability to achieve the right work-life balance. Direct Selling is the opportunity to work from home, from a café or a co-working center. For all direct sellers, Direct Selling is the chance to design their own lifestyle.

Direct Selling is Rewarding

Thanks to the in-depth training and ongoing mentorship that Direct Selling provides, our sellers benefit from learning valuable business skills that can be transferred to other opportunities.

In fact, 1 in 5 people join Direct Selling for the specific purpose of developing entrepreneurial skills.

Direct Selling is Independence

Whether for a new mom, a recent retiree or a student looking to bring in some extra money, Direct Selling Is… Independence.

Direct Selling is Empowerment

Direct Selling has shattered the glass ceiling. Thanks to our fair, flexible and low-cost approach to starting a business, Direct Selling has replaced barriers and failure with opportunities and success.

Nevertheless, as in any business, Direct Selling rewards those who are committed to their work.

Direct Selling is Personalised

Direct Selling brings people together in a community – a rare trait in today’s increasingly impersonal business world. While our sector has embraced the digital realm, we continue to find that our biggest successes come from personal relationships and face-to-face interactions.

Our social side isn’t just good for sales – it’s good for our people too. 1 in 3 direct sellers cite the chance to meet new people as their primary motivation for becoming involved in Direct Selling. Furthermore, Direct Selling serves as a social glue in both rural and urban areas, offering a flexible and personal alternative to busy shopping centres and intangible internet stores.

Direct Selling is Quality

Direct Selling companies and their sellers sell a wide range of high quality products and provide 100% satisfaction guarantee.  

Direct Selling is Reliability

All direct sellers starting cooperation with DSA member companies are protected under the DSA Code of Ethics.

Some of the many advantages of direct selling include:

Be Your Own Boss

Choose your hours – work part time or full time! Enjoy freedom and flexibility, work around your commitments.


Be recognised by peers for achievements, big and small, building confidence and self-esteem. 

Low Entry Costs

Little or no cost is required to start a direct selling business, sometimes just a product demonstration kit.

Simple Start-Up & Ongoing Support

Direct selling organisations offer advice, training, marketing and administration support to help you achieve your business goals.


Earn a little extra to cover expenses, reach a goal for a holiday or make it a full time career – you decide!

Personal Development

Direct selling organisations provide skill training and personal development to encourage growth and business success. 


Direct selling organisations provide skill training and personal development to encourage growth and business success.

Rewards & Incentives

Direct selling rewards success through  a wide range of travel and incentive programs.  

Open to Everyone

Direct selling opportunities are open to all people over 18 regardless of gender, background or education.

Easy to Exit

 There are no penalties in leaving the industry. Our members will buy back product in marketable condition.  

Tips before starting

Take Your Time to Decide

Choosing the right direct selling organisation is an important decision. It’s great to be enthusiastic about getting involved—this energy will drive your success in the industry—but it’s crucial that you take time to feel totally comfortable with your decision. If one organisation doesn’t seem like the right fit, explore others. Don’t rush into anything and don’t be pressured by time-sensitive offers. Legitimate opportunities won’t disappear overnight.

Identify a Company or Product that Appeals

Experience suggests that to be successful in direct selling you need to choose a product or service you really love. Sales representatives who love their products are customer magnets, attracting others with their enthusiasm and commitment. When choosing an organisation, it’s also important to know if they belong to the DSA. It’s your added assurance of a commitment to ethical business practice and consumer protection. 

Consult Others with Experience

Use all the resources at your disposal—including personal referrals and online technology—to find out what others have to say about the organisation. It can be a difficult process to separate the reputable information from negativity and vitriol, especially in online media, so it’s important to consider all material in context.

Ask the Right Questions

Before committing to an organisation, it is important to know answers into such couple important questions. To know more read here.

Identify Possible Fraud 

Unfortunately, some people try to use the direct selling method to engage in unethical and illegal activity. There are several warning signs to look out for:

  • The company is not a member of the DSA
  • Pressure to sign a contract quickly
  • Pressure to pay a large sum of money before sales claims can be investigated or legal advice obtained
  • Promises of extraordinarily high or guaranteed profits
  • Claims that profits can be achieved easily
  • A required initial fee which greatly exceeds the fair market value of any products, kits or training
  • A large fee payable before you receive anything in return

Experience of Direct Sellers

View a list of our members and the opportunities they can offer you.